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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Uadjit Egyptian Mythical cobra goddess. F
2 Uald Norse Ruler. F

3 Uald Teutonic Brave. F
4 Ualda Teutonic Brave. F
5 Uatchit Egyptian Another form of Hathor. F
6 Udela Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
7 Udele Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
8 Ula Celtic Sea jewel. F
9 Ula Scandinavian Wealthy. F
10 Ula Spanish Abbreviation of Eulalie. F
11 Ulai Biblical Strength, fool, senseless. F
12 Uldwyna English Special friend. F
13 Uli German Mistress of all. F

14 Ulicia Irish Feminine form of Ulik. F
15 Ulka German Mistress of all. F
16 Ulla Biblical Elevation, leaf, young child. F
17 Ulla German Has willpower. F
18 Ulla Swedish Will. F
19 Ulrica English Feminine form of Ulric: Wolf ruler. F
20 Ulrica German Mistress of all. F
21 Ulrica Teutonic Universal ruler. F
22 Ulrika Swedish Will. F
23 Ulrika Teutonic Universal ruler. F
24 Ulrike German Mistress of all. F
25 Uma Hindi Bright. F
26 Uma Indian Bright. F
27 Umayma Egyptian Little mother. F
28 Umayma Muslim Variant of Umaymah: Young mother.. F
29 Umaymah Muslim Young mother.. F
30 Umm Egyptian Mother. F
31 Ummah Biblical Darkened; covered; his people. F
32 Una Celtic White wave. F
33 Una English One. F
34 Una Gaelic Gaelic forms of Agnes. F
35 Una Irish Lamb; together. F
36 Una Latin One. F
37 Una NativeAmerican Remember (Hopi). F
38 Una Welsh White wave. F
39 Undina Latin Of the waves. F
40 Undine Latin Of the waves. F
41 Undinia Latin Of the waves. F
42 Unelina Latin Bear. F
43 Unique Latin Only one. F
44 Unity English Unity. A quality adopted for use as a first name by the Puritans after the Reformation. F
45 Unity Irish Together. F
46 Unn Norse Love. F
47 Unne Norse Love. F
48 Unni Biblical Poor, afflicted, that answers. F
49 Uny Irish Together. F
50 Upala Indian Opal. F
51 Upala Sanskrit Jewel. F
52 Upharsin Biblical Divided. F
53 Uphaz Biblical Pure gold, gold of Phasis or Pison. F
54 Urania Greek Heavenly. F
55 Urbana Latin Born of the city. F
56 Urbane Biblical Courteous. F
57 Urbania Latin Born of the city. F
58 Urbi Egyptian Princess. F
59 Uri Biblical My light, my fire. F
60 Urice Hebrew Light. F
61 Urim Biblical Lights, fires. F
62 Urit Hebrew Light. F
63 Urseline Latin Bear. F
64 Ursola Latin Bear. F
65 Ursola Russian Little bear. F
66 Ursula Latin Bear. Famous Bearer: Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress. F
67 Ursula Russian Little bear. F
68 Ursula Scandinavian She-bear. A medieval saint's name. F
69 Ursula Shakespearean 'Much Ado About Nothing' Waiting gentlewoman attending on Hero. F
70 Ursule Latin Bear. F
71 Ursulina Spanish Little bear. F
72 Urzula Latin Bear. F
73 US opera singer Be English Feminine form of Beverley: Beaver stream, from the beaver meadow. Derived from a surname and place name. Although Beverley has sometimes been used as a girl's name, Beverly is the more common feminine form. F
74 Usha Hindi A princess. F
75 Usha Indian Daughter of Bana. F
76 Usha Sanskrit Dawn. Mythological daughter of heaven and sister of night. F
77 Ushas Indian Dawn. F
78 Usoa Spanish Dove. F
79 Uzma Muslim Greatest.. F
80 Uzzen-sherah Biblical Ear of the flesh. F
81 Uzzi Biblical My strength, my kid. F
82 Uzziye Hebrew God's strength. F