Popular Swedish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Adolph Swedish Noble wolf. M
2 Adolphus Swedish Noble wolf. M

3 Adrian Swedish Dark. F
4 Agata Swedish Pure. F
5 Agaton Swedish Pure. F
6 Agda Swedish Pure. F
7 Agneta Swedish Pure. F
8 Aina Swedish Joy. F
9 Ake Swedish Ancient. M
10 Alberik Swedish Blond ruler. M
11 Albert Swedish Strong as a bear. M
12 Alexander Swedish Defender of man. M
13 Alexandra Swedish Defender of man. F

14 Alf Swedish Wise. M
15 Alfons Swedish Noble or ready. M
16 Alfonso Swedish Noble or ready. M
17 Alfred Swedish Wise. M
18 Algot Swedish Pearl. F
19 Alicia Swedish Truth. F
20 Alma Swedish Loving. F
21 Alrik Swedish All ruler. M
22 Alvar Swedish Dwarf shrub. M
23 Am Swedish Eagle. M
24 Amalia Swedish Swedish form of Amelia: industrious. F
25 Ambrosius Swedish Divine. M
26 Ame Swedish Eagle. M
27 Amold Swedish Eagle. M
28 Andenon Swedish Son of Ander. M
29 Anders Swedish Strong. M
30 Andreas Swedish Strong. M
31 Anna Swedish Grace. F
32 Anna Cristina Swedish Graceful Christian. F
33 Annali Swedish Graceful meadow. F
34 Annalie Swedish Graceful meadow. F
35 Annalina Swedish Graceful light. F
36 Anneli Swedish Graceful meadow. F
37 Annika Swedish Grace. Diminutive variant of Ann. F
38 Annike Swedish Grace. F
39 Ansgar Swedish Warrior. M
40 Anton Swedish Priceless. M
41 Antonetta Swedish Priceless. F
42 Antonius Swedish Priceless. M
43 Aron Swedish Illuminated. M
44 Artur Swedish Bear. M
45 Arvid Swedish Of the people. M
46 Astrid Swedish Divine strength. F
47 Atali Swedish Pure. F
48 Atalie Swedish Pure. F
49 Axel Swedish Father of peace. M
50 Baltasar Swedish Protected by God. M
51 Barbro Swedish Swedish form of Barbara: stranger. F
52 Bartholomeus Swedish Farmer. M
53 Basmus Swedish Kingly. M
54 Beata Swedish Blessed. F
55 Beck Swedish From the brook. M
56 Benedikt Swedish Blessed. M
57 Bengt Swedish Blessed. M
58 Berg Swedish Mountain. M
59 Bergren Swedish From the mountain brook. M
60 Bergron Swedish From the mountain brook. M
61 Berit Swedish Intelligent. F
62 Berta Swedish Intelligent. F
63 Bertil Swedish Intelligent. M
64 Birger Swedish Rescuer. M
65 Birget Swedish Strong. F
66 Birgitta Swedish Strong. F
67 Bjorn Swedish Bear. M
68 Blasius Swedish Stutters. M
69 Blenda Swedish Heroine. F
70 Blix Swedish 'Joy; cheer. F
71 Bo Swedish Commander. M
72 Bodil Swedish Commander. M
73 Boje Swedish From the castle. M
74 Borg Swedish From the castle. M
75 Borr Swedish Youth. M
76 Botilda Swedish Commanding. F
77 Brigetta Swedish Strong. F
78 Brite Swedish Strong. F
79 Britt Swedish Strong. Famous bearer: 20th century Swedish actress Britt Ekland. F
80 Britta Swedish Strong. F
81 Burr Swedish Young. M
82 Caesar Swedish Long hair. M
83 Caren Swedish Pure. F
84 Carina Swedish Pure. F
85 Carine Swedish Pure. F
86 Cecilia Swedish Blind. F
87 Christina Swedish Christian. F
88 Cristina Swedish Christian. F
89 Dagmar Swedish Dane's joy. F
90 David Swedish Beloved. M
91 Davin Swedish Pride of the Finns. M
92 Dolph Swedish Noble wolf. M
93 Ebba Swedish Strong. F
94 Ebbe Swedish Strong. F
95 Eddy Swedish Unresting. M
96 Edit Swedish Swedish form of Edith: wealthy gift. F
97 Edvard Swedish Swedish form of Edward 'rich guardian'. M
98 Eleonora Swedish Light. F
99 Elin Swedish Light. F
100 Elisabet Swedish Swedish form of Elizabeth: devoted to God. F
101 Elsa Swedish Truth. F
102 Emil Swedish Lively. M
103 Emilia Swedish Industrious. F
104 Emma Swedish Universal. F
105 Emst Swedish Earnest. M
106 Enar Swedish Warrior. M
107 Erik Swedish Forever strong. M
108 Erika Swedish Feminine form of Erik: rules forever. F
109 Erland Swedish Stranger. M
110 Erling Swedish Stranger. M
111 Esbjorn Swedish Bear of God. M
112 Eskil Swedish Vessel of God. M
113 Eugen Swedish Swedish form of Eugene 'noble'. M
114 Eva Swedish Life. F
115 Evelina Swedish Life. F
116 Evert Swedish Bear. M
117 Fabian Swedish Bean grower. M
118 Felix Swedish !ucky. M
119 Filip Swedish Swedish form of Phillip 'loves horses'. M
120 Filippa Swedish Loves horses. F
121 Fisk Swedish Fisherman. M
122 Frans Swedish Free. M
123 Franz Swedish Free. M
124 Fredek Swedish Peaceful ruler. M
125 Frederek Swedish Peaceful ruler. M
126 Frederika Swedish Feminine form of Frederik:peaceful ruler. F
127 Fredrik Swedish Peaceful ruler. M
128 Frida Swedish Peaceful. F
129 Frideborg Swedish Peaceful. F
130 Fritjof Swedish Peaceful. F
131 Gabriel Swedish Strength from God. M
132 Gabriella Swedish Strength from God. F
133 Gala Swedish Singer. F
134 Garth Swedish Protector. M
135 Georg Swedish Swedish form of George 'farmer'. M
136 Gerda Swedish Protector. F
137 Gerhard Swedish Swedish form of Gerard 'spear courageous'. M
138 Germund Swedish Defender of man. F
139 Gertrud Swedish Warrior maid. F
140 Goran Swedish Swedish form of George 'farmer'. M
141 Gorin Swedish Swedish form of George 'farmer'. M
142 Gota Swedish Strong. F
143 Gote Swedish Strong. F
144 Gotilda Swedish Strong. F
145 Greger Swedish Swedish form of Gregory 'watchful'. M
146 Greta Swedish A diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl. Famous bearer: Swedish actress Greta Garbo. F
147 Guda Swedish Supreme. F
148 Gudny Swedish Unspoiled. F
149 Gudrun Swedish Wise. F
150 Gudruna Swedish Wise. F
151 Gunilla Swedish Battle maid. F
152 Gunnar Swedish Battle strong. M
153 Gunnef Swedish Battle maid. F
154 Gunner Swedish Battle strong. M
155 Gus Swedish Royal staff. M
156 Gustaf Swedish Staff of the gods, or staff of the Goths. M
157 Gustav Swedish Noble staff. M
158 Gustava Swedish Divine staff. F
159 Hadrian Swedish Dark. M
160 Hakan Swedish Noble. F
161 Hakana Swedish Noble. F
162 Hale Swedish Hall. M
163 Halen Swedish Hall. M
164 Hallen Swedish Hall. M
165 Halvard Swedish Rock enclosure. M
166 Hanna Swedish Gracious. F
167 Hans Swedish Swedish form of John 'gift from God'. M
168 Hansel Swedish Swedish form of John 'gift from God'. M
169 Harald Swedish War commander. M
170 Harry Swedish Swedish form of Henry 'rules the home'. M
171 Haylan Swedish Hall. M
172 Hedwig Swedish Peace in battle. F
173 Helena Swedish Light. F
174 Helga Swedish Holy. F
175 Helmar Swedish Fighting fury. M
176 Helmer Swedish Fighting fury. M
177 Hemming Swedish Swedish form of Henry 'rules the home'. M
178 Hendrik Swedish Swedish form of Henry 'rules the home'. M
179 Henning Swedish Swedish form of Henry 'rules the home'. M
180 Henrik Swedish Swedish form of Henry 'rules the home'. M
181 Henrika Swedish Feminine form of Henry: rules the home. F
182 Herbert Swedish Intelligent warrior. M
183 Hermann Swedish Soldier. M
184 Hilda Swedish Fighter. F
185 Hildegard Swedish Fighter. F
186 Hilmar Swedish Name of a noble. M
187 Hjalmar Swedish Name of a noble. M
188 Hugo Swedish Intelligent. M
189 Hulda Swedish Hidden. F
190 Humfrid Swedish Peaceful Hun. M
191 Inga Swedish Ing's daughter. F
192 Ingaborg Swedish Ing's helper. F
193 Ingalill Swedish Ing's lily. F
194 Inge Swedish Ing's daughter. F
195 Ingeborg Swedish Ing's helper. F
196 Ingegard Swedish Ing's helper. F
197 Ingemar Swedish Famous. M
198 Inger Swedish Ing's daughter. F
199 Ingmar Swedish Famous. M
200 Ingrid Swedish Ing's daughter. F