Popular Polynesian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Afa Polynesian Hurricane. M
2 Afi Polynesian Fire. M

3 Afu Polynesian Hot. M
4 Ahio Polynesian Whirlwind. M
5 Ahohako Polynesian Storm. M
6 Ahomana Polynesian Thunder. M
7 Aisake Polynesian He laughs. M
8 Aisea Polynesian God saves. M
9 Akolo Polynesian Fence. M
10 Alipate Polynesian Bright. M
11 Amanaki Polynesian Hope. M
12 Anitelu Polynesian Masculine; manly. M
13 Eloni Polynesian Lofty. M

14 Emobi Polynesian Birth. M
15 Fainga Polynesian To confront. M
16 Faipa Polynesian Baits the hook. M
17 Fale Polynesian House. M
18 Faleaka Polynesian Plant house. M
19 Fangaloka Polynesian Beach. M
20 Fangatua Polynesian Wrestle. M
21 Fau Polynesian Tree. M
22 Fauiki Polynesian Little trees. M
23 Fautave Polynesian Big/tall trees. M
24 Feilo Polynesian Familiar. M
25 Fekitoa Polynesian Gathering of two men. M
26 Feleti Polynesian Peace. M
27 Filimoeika Polynesian Enemy of sharks. M
28 Folau Polynesian To travel. M
29 Fuanilevu Polynesian Great. M
30 Fuleheu Polynesian Bird. M
31 Futkefu Polynesian Grass skirt. M